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peace n***as

2012-04-20 17:35:19 by DJM00se

Leaving this site. I feel like so many good producers/musicians get bagged by fuckers. Plus i mostly don't care for this site as much as i used to. Been good chilling here, getting some fans and meeting some dope producers!


A New Beginning

2012-02-11 11:00:45 by DJM00se

For 2012 im making all new, fresh, and improved beats. Sampled beats WILL be better and have more variety and from what i can see, my MIDI composed beats are definitely improving a lot! Hope you guys enjoy my music and share it with others!

Like my facebook page: 959849

learn from this

2011-12-27 00:22:36 by DJM00se

Seriously people on here are so anal. What with all this "its too repetitive" crap? obviously its a Hip-Hop beat meant for rappers, so its going to be repetitive. Ever hear a Kanye, 9th Wonder, Pete rock beat? thats pretty repetitive, but its hiphop. before your review, learn the genre instead of leaving a review with your ass.


2011-12-07 16:20:58 by DJM00se

I find that there is quite a cycle on these pages, good songs get up for a good amount of time, get bombed and then end up back at the top with the songs that replaced the ones that were higher get bombed and its keeps going. Anyway if you come across this like my facebook page and check out my beats!! -AKA-Hyrogliphx/197184276959849

Hey guys!

2011-10-14 21:55:45 by DJM00se

So my last post was full of shit as you know. Right now im waiting for me to get my Maschine Mikro in the mail, were i will pair it with fl Studio to make sampling better and workflow a lot smoother. Komplete 8 i will not be getting but instead waiting for me to improve and i will maybe get 9 or 10 whenever they come out.

I have a new beat out now, check it out: Just A Dream


Time to get to work!

2011-09-07 20:08:30 by DJM00se

Im going to get some money so i can buy Komplete 8 really soon. the next time you will see a beat on here will be maybe November/December after i learn the basics to this new package, work hard in school and play some new games (TESIV and Uncharted and Minecraft :D). Hopefully when i bust through here again everyone will like my beats and hopefully i improve with these heaps of sounds (compared to the crap they call Nexus, which is straight Electronic/mainstream hiphop sounds). See you guys later!!


Time to get to work!


2011-07-13 09:16:22 by DJM00se

My PC is built and up and running! Can't wait to make some better beats on this new machine since my laptop could barely handle a few instances of Nexus :|

FL Studio MOBILEE!!!!!!!!!!

2011-06-22 12:53:51 by DJM00se

New FL Studio Mobile app is here!! Awesome shit right here!

Sup killas!!

2011-06-18 23:40:40 by DJM00se

Anyway, im posting full beats elsewhere and also selling and if you need a beat, i got you covered for a price!

Buy them or listen here:


They're pretty cheap if you think about all the wack ass beats some people sell for $100+
More on the way!!

Also got some new genres soon! Yes as soon as I get my new computer and Komplete 7, i will have alot of dubstep coming out!! Trying to make sick wobbles with FL Studio Plugins is like trying to piss in a shot glass that moving on a roulette table while you have drunk people screaming in your ears...


2011-06-05 00:10:17 by DJM00se

Got some new beats ill be uploading soon, then I might start to sell them which means only demos and wips soon! only people who will get them for free are friends, anyone else has to buy them!