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peace n***as

2012-04-20 17:35:19 by DJM00se

Leaving this site. I feel like so many good producers/musicians get bagged by fuckers. Plus i mostly don't care for this site as much as i used to. Been good chilling here, getting some fans and meeting some dope producers!



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2012-04-20 18:00:41

"bagged by fuckers"

What specifically do you mean? 0-bombers?

DJM00se responds:

yeah zero bombers, assholes, etc


2012-04-22 21:21:32

You Shouldnt Care Dude.
Just Make Shit For You.

DJM00se responds:

yeah i do make shit for me, but im just not posting anything anymore.


2012-12-17 23:46:22

You really should change this update! I read it and was like "OH FUCK SHIT" then I saw the date and realized (luckily) you changed your mind!

Don't forget there are mad people here, fellow artists, who appreciate your work. Me being one of them.