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2011-05-31 20:53:47 by DJM00se

this site pisses me off i feel like leaving for the 10000th time. there are songs at the top that arent even that good/as good as mine that dont get bombed....... fucking pissed


2011-05-30 21:05:53 by DJM00se

Everything just got zerobombed..... well who cares i care about the reviews and if my friends like it or not, not if these fags decide they suck ass at music so they bomb my shit!


2011-05-16 20:21:05 by DJM00se

Would love for you to check out my music once it gets approved by Newgrounds! i am the previous user known as brewskey101 and will be posting on this account from now on! Please enjoy and review my music! My new single "Victory" will be up soon even though you probably already heard it. Pt. 2 will be finished soon as well as an old skool track I've been working on!!

EDIT: NG HURRY THE F*** UP YOU SLOW A$$ PIECES OF S***!! My last account didnt even take 1 hour for you to approve my first song!!